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Autism Q&A Livestream Series with Gersh ABA Services

Forget spending hours searching on Google. Chat with us LIVE and have your questions answered by our team of autism service professionals.

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New Livestream Series

Our live-streamed Q&As will handle a variety of different topics related to caring for a child or family member on the autism spectrum. Get real answers to real problems when you want them – now.

Multiple Topics

Livestreams will cover all topics ranging from helping your child cope with anxiety to advocating and finding proper placements for your child. Topics may also include things such as:

  • Insurance and Autism
  • Finding Resources for My Child
  • Finding the Proper Placement
  • Managing Family Events and Holidays
  • Continuing Treatment Plans at Home
  • and much more TBA!

Direct from the Pros

Livestreams will be hosted by decorated professionals within the industry, including Board-Certified Behavioral Analysts, Special Education Teachers, Therapists and more.

Participation is FREE!

All you need to do to join us is sign up using the following form and log on to YouTube on the day the livestream. That’s it! Viewers can type their questions in to the chat box and sit back while our professional team answers them live for everyone to hear and learn from.

Access to Previous Videos

Missed a livestream about a topic you were interested in? No problem! Members get access to pre-recorded videos of all past livestreams. Just remember – if you want questions answered, you’ll need to join us for the next live one!

Next Livestream

Wednesday, March 13th 2019
7:30 pm (EST)

Behavior Management for Your Child

Because autism is a spectrum, the specific reasons for certain behaviors in certain children can vary greatly. Join us as we explore the different causes for behaviors and the ways that parents can help manage them throughout their child’s development.

Joe Laudadio
Regional Operations Manager, Gersh ABA Services
Department of Health Early Intervention Specialist
Certified CPI Instructor
Special Education K-12

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