Autism and Siblings

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Original Air Date:

Wednesday, April 17 2019

7:30pm EST on YouTube

Autism is not just a relationship between the parent and their child and educators – it involves the whole family. Understanding and supporting family members on the autism spectrum can be a new challenge for siblings, especially if they are similar in age.

Join us as we explore areas such as:

  • setting the proper expectations
  • involving the siblings
  • learning how to effectively balance the needs of all children in the family
  • and more

Learn simple but effective ways to positively impact the relationship between your children and the continuing development of your child on the spectrum. Hear the real stories of people who grew up with siblings on the autism spectrum and how their experience helped shape who they are today. Share your own stories, ask questions, and be a part of this necessary but often overlooked conversation.

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Our last livestream dove into “behavior management”, an often recurring theme throughout our children’s lives. Because autism is a spectrum, the specific reasons for certain behaviors in certain children can vary greatly. Check out the recorded livestream and explore the different causes for behaviors and the ways that parents can help manage them throughout their child’s development. Be sure to signup for our next livestream so you can have your questions answered live!

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