Enhancing Social Skills

Logo for July 27 Livestream - Enhancing Social Skills for Children with Autism

Streaming LIVE:

Wednesday, July 24 2019

7:30pm EST on YouTube

The improvement of social skills is one of the most crucial parts of the development of a child on the autism spectrum. While our ABA clinics put a heavy emphasis on developing strong social skills, there are many things you can do as parents to help your child continue to grow socially!

Join us as we explore areas such as:

  • relationships that parents must help develop
  • why parents may be hesitant to seek opportunities to socialize
  • effective tools to use to assist with socialization
  • and more

Join us for our live stream and learn how you can help support your child with real-life situations, activities and exercises to get them a bit out of their shell and positively interacting with those around them.

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Previous Livestream

Autism and Siblings

Our last livestream dove into the relationship between siblings when one or more is on the spectrum. Viewers learned simple but effective ways to positively impact the relationship between their children and the continuing development of their child on the spectrum. View the recording and hear the real stories of people who grew up with siblings on the autism spectrum and how their experience helped shape who they are today. Be sure to signup for our next livestream so you can have your questions answered live!

View the Recording on YouTube

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