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Gersh ABA at West Hills

Not your ‘typical’ ABA Center

With 18-acres of picture-esque grounds, 7 heated pools, 6 playgrounds, sports fields, educational areas and more, Gersh ABA Services at West Hills is an ABA center unlike anything before.

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Full Campgrounds

Located on the grounds of West Hills Day Camp, Long Island’s premier camp for over 65 years, the West Hills location is one of the most supported and unique centers for effective ABA therapy.

All-encompassing ABA Therapy

This unique setting allows for generalization of skills in a variety of different environments. 1:1 instruction in combination with group interaction ensures learned behaviors and concepts are reinforced in multiple real-world situations, better preparing your child for the future.

Flexible Hours

West Hills isn’t just a summer location. This year-round facility supports all types of therapy plans, including weekend, after-school, school-days, summer break, school break, and mornings.

Social Skills Groups

Social groups, in combination with 1:1 sessions, effectively teach appropriate social skills, peer interaction, and communication through play and discovery across our unique 18-acre campground facility.

Behavioral Intervention

Utilizing the core principles of ABA and related treatments to encourage the repetition of positive behaviors.

Functional Skill Acquisition

Through our unique camp-based environment, our program develops executive function and functional educational goals such as social interaction, sportsmanship, creative thinking, and task completion – better preparing them for environments such as school and work.

18-Acres Campgrounds

The variety of environments allow for better reinforcement of learned principles, as the child is taken out of their comfort zone and into more real-world situations. With 18-acres of pools, waterslides, playgrounds, sports fields, dining areas, a theater, radio station and more, this location is one of the most unique centers for effective ABA therapy around.

7 Heated Pools

The addition of the swim element introduces a reality that parents will eventually face – how their child will deal with going in the water. Under the supervision of our trained staff, children learn to brave this new experience in 7 heated pools fit for individuals of all ages.

6 Unique Playgrounds

The encouragement of free play is important to the development of all children. Valuable social skills are developed when interacting with other children on the playground, which creates an environment in which learned behaviors and skills can be practiced and reinforced.

Unique Outdoor Environments

With an equestrian area, active greenhouse, industrial sized kitchen, petting areas, fishing and boating, and endless outdoor play areas, our campus lends itself to incidental learning opportunities and simulated environmental learning – better reinforcing learned behaviors and skills through a combination of natural curiosity and structured learning.

Sensory Rooms

State-of-the-art, custom designed rooms which combine a range of stimuli, including sounds, colors, lights, soft play objects, and aromas to help individuals develop and engage their senses. Alleviates stress and opens the mind to better learning and skill aquisition, and allows individuals to explore and interact with their environment in a calm, stress-free manner.

Vocational Training Areas

An industrial sized kitchen, active greenhouse, dining areas, and office environments on our campus lend themselves towards vocational learning situations. These real-world environments can be leveraged to simulate work, school or community environments to practice in before transitioning into the real thing.

Home to Community Transition

Younger individuals can begin services immediately in the home, with the goal of slowly transitioning them into the community center based environment at the camp. Individuals can be slowly introduced to different areas of the camp, helping to reinforce learned skills and behaviors by removing the ‘memorization and repetition’ element that may effect ABA conducted in a singular, unchanging environment. This transition helps to minimize stress and anxiety, and teaches the individual how to manage changes in their routine or environment in a healthy manner.

Simulated Environments

Our working greenhouse, full professional kitchen, therapy animals such as horses, and outdoor play areas allow our children to become acclimated to different environments and situations while being fully supported.

Meet the next evolution in ABA Therapy. With unique, center-based locations, state-of-the-art technology, industry-leading BCBAs, and over 25 years of experience in autism services, Gersh ABA Services goes above and beyond a typical ABA center. Come see the difference today at our 18-acre grounds in Huntington.

Gersh ABA at West Hills

West Hills
21 Sweet Hollow Road
Huntington, NY 11743

Hours of Operation

Gersh ABA at West Hills

Gersh ABA at West Hills incorporates 18 picture-esque acres of grounds for children to explore and socialize while receiving ABA therapy and all-encompassing support. .

Open: Monday-Sun 9am-8pm

Phone: (631) 808-4300

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