Clinic-Based ABA

Clinic-Based vs Home-Based ABA Therapy for Autism

Many parents have asked us: “What’s the difference between clinic-based and home-based ABA?” and “Is clinic-based ABA better than home-based?”.

Many parents have experienced or been told that ABA services can “only” be done as a home-based therapy. While this model seems initially convenient for families, more and more experts are agreeing that the benefits of clinic-based locations far outweigh the conveniences of home-based ABA services. We work closely with parents to keep them informed and involved at the clinic. In a clinic-based setting, we strive to help children successfully transition to activities outside of the home, be ready for peer interactions, and gain many skills for all their daily activities.

The one-of-a-kind clinical settings at Gersh ABA Services offer endless opportunities for social interaction, daily living skills, and play and leisure skills, all while improving communication and language. Call us today at 631-552-4600 to see the difference for yourself.

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The Benefits of Clinic-Based ABA Therapy for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

“Clinic-based service locations are becoming more and more common as a place of treatment for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. A clinic service model lends itself to offer high fidelity of treatment, increased access to supervision and a cohesive integrative treatment framework. By way of clinic-based services, a reduction of barriers to treatment and elimination of uncontrollable variables that may otherwise negatively impact the patient are targeted through ABA intervention.

In addition to staff training and treatment continuity offered in a clinic, this environment allows generalization of skills as a result of Gersh’s unique clinic environments. Gersh ABA services offers the individual the ability to benefit from a traditionally structured clinic environment as well as diverse naturalistic treatment grounds such as onsite parks, beach, zoo, equestrian center and other natural environments. Overall, this treatment plan assists in increased generalization of skills and enhanced skill acquisition.

Due to this comprehensive and validated treatment model delivering Applied Behavior Analysis, Gersh ABA services can also offer a hybrid model of school-based intervention intertwined with medically necessary clinic-based ABA. This model allows for facilitated and spontaneous socialization with like peers in a safe environment evoking confidence and peer modeling. Clinic-based treatment enhances the patient’s readiness for learning and offers medically necessary skills acquisition preparing individuals to proposer.”

SOURCE: JB Leaf, R Leaf, J McEachin, JH Cihon, JL Ferguson, (2018) Advantages and Challenges of a Home-and Clinic-Based Model of Behavioral Intervention for Individuals Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of autism and developmental disorders. 48 (6), 2258-2266

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